A super sweet record has been broken in Johannesburg, South Africa, with the Jewish Life Centre achieving the tallest stack of doughnuts.

The record was attempted as a part of their Chanukah (or Hanukkah) celebrations - Chanukah is also known as the Jewish festival of lights.

The stack towered 152 cm (59.84 in) and consisted of a staggering 3,100 doughnuts. 


The stack was designed on a number of different software products, to ensure the structural integrity of the tower and avoid it toppling under the weight of the baked goods.

Organisers even enlisted the help of a structural engineer and an architect to propose structure ideas. 

A computer generated image of the doughnut stack

From this, the centre's concluded a a pyramid shape would give them the best combination of stability and height. 

The record was part of its family-oriented celebration, which included various carnival activities and a Chanukah-themed game show.  


On the day a team of people, who rotated every few hours, were stacking doughnuts from 9 a.m. to 4  p.m. 

Once the tower was finished and measured by a surveyor, some of the doughnuts were offered to people at the event. 


The rest were saved and collected by charities The Jewish Helping Hand and Yad Aharon to be distributed to disadvantaged members of the community.


Kasriel Kay, an Assistant Rabbi who organised the attempt, explained the connection between Chanukah and doughnuts.

"Chanukah an eight-day popular Jewish festival that commemorates the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. Jews around the world celebrate Chanukah- arguably the most celebrated Jewish festival- by lighting candles over eight nights and eating foods that are cooked with oil. Doughnuts are one of the most traditional Chanukah foods."