Most cappuccinos made in one hour is 420 by Liza Thomas in Australia

With the rise of coffee culture across the world, Guinness World Records has seen some impressive coffee-related records being broken of late.

Last year the largest cup of coffee and largest coffee tasting event were both achieved in Honduras.

Now there’s another, and what better way to quench people’s never-ending thirst for a caffeinated brew than with the most cappuccinos made in an hour (individual), achieved by Liza Thomas (Australia) who assembled 420. 

Most cappuccinos made one hour

One of the most famed coffee drinks out there, the cappuccino is an espresso-based coffee drink that originated in Italy, and is traditionally prepared with hot milk and steamed-milk foam. In recent years the Antipodeans have garnered the reputation for being quite the coffee connoisseurs, known for their independent artisan coffee shops and laying claim to inventing the trendy ‘flat white’ drink. 

The record achieved by Liza was attempted on Bribie Island, Queensland, to mark the opening of a new café at Bribie Island’s RSL Club, called Social Café. The Returned and Services League of Australia (RSL) is a support organisation for men and women who have served or are serving in the Defence Force and promotes itself as ‘a place to gather in friendship, graze from each other’s plates without thought and to share in the love of good food, good wine and even better company’. 

Most cappuccinos made in one hour Liza Thomas Australia

In-line with the guidelines, Liza used a commercially available and manufactured coffee machine with a maximum of four espresso shots used at the same time. She also had to make sure that she synchronised the preparation of her simultaneous cups of cappuccino across the hour, successfully filling 420 cups sized at a minimum of 142 ml (5 oz). 

As well as maintaining concentration across the hour, which is no mean feat for such a repetitive task, Liza’s attempt had the added pressure of taking place in public, with fellow colleagues and café goers watching her every move and enjoying the cappuccinos which were given away as she made them.

We look forward to receiving further applications for this record – could you be the one to make more than seven cups of cappuccino per minute across an hour?

Most cappuccinos made in one hour successful