10 records broken at Berlin Marathon 2019 including people dressed as dragons and in 25 T-shirts

By Sammy Lloyd

This year’s BMW Berlin Marathon has been our most popular to date, with runners travelling to Germany from all corners of the world including Australia, Finland, South Africa, USA and the UK, all in the hope of achieving a Guinness World Records (GWR) title.

Of the 12 records attempted, 10 runners were successful in achieving a record title. 

First to cross the finish line with a very impressive sub three-hour run was Valtteri Arstila from Finland, achieving the record for fastest marathon in a toga (male) in 2:56:34. 

Berlin marathon participants dressed in a toga costume

As the successful runners passed the finish line while setting a record, they were congratulated by a GWR adjudicator and celebrated while being presented with their official certificate.

It wasn’t the first time at the Berlin Marathon for some of those attempting record titles; last year saw Jochen Glasbrenner break the record for fastest inline skating marathon dressed as Elvis (male). He decided to attend return to Berlin but this time dressed as a dragon! He successfully broke the record for fastest marathon dressed as a dragon (male) with a time of 3:48:38. 


The inline skating marathon took place again this year at the Berlin Marathon and Tõnis Paalme (Estonia) broke the record holder for the fastest marathon backwards on inline skates with a time of 01:38:40, beating the previous record by almost a minute!


Below is a full list of the records achieved:

  • Fastest marathon in a toga (male): Valtteri Arstila – 2:56:34
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a leprechaun (male): Kamil Suleiman – 2:58:01
  • Fastest marathon in a martial arts suit (male): Matheiu Papdo – 3:02:33 
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a supervillain (male): Kevin Shao – 3:03:03
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a caveperson (male): Philip Howard – 3:05:11
  • Fastest marathon wearing lederhosen: Kirk Millikan – 3:15:10
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a dragon (male): Jochen Glasbrenner – 3:48:38
  • Fastest marathon in a rocket costume (male): Mark Kugel – 4:12:11
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a vampire (female): Charlie Fitton – 4:13:50
  • Most T-shirts worn during a marathon – Daniel Trienens with a total of 25 – 4:45:09