A 117-year-old woman who died on Sunday 22 July was the oldest living person, Guinness World Records can confirm.

Chiyo Miyako from Japan passed away just as evidence of her applications for the titles of Oldest person living and Oldest person living (female) were approved.

Chiyo was born in Wakayama, located in Kansai region of Japan, on 2 May 1901, and was 117 years 81 days when she died.

According to her family, Chiyo was very chatty. Referring to her as "the goddess", they described her as a patient and kind person who brought happiness to those who met her.

From right: Chiyo, Toshiko (Chiyo's daughter), Shoji (Chiyo's husband), Kiku (Chiyo's mother), Junichi (Chiyo's son)

Her love was calligraphy, something she started learning during childhood, and had been creating calligraphic works until recently.

Her other pastime was eating delicious food, with sushi and eels being her regular favourite.

Chiyo's husband, Shoji, worked for Japanese National Railways, which meant that she had the chance to travel.

Guinness World Records has three longevity categories: the Oldest person living (male), Oldest person living (female), and Oldest person living

The oldest male title is held by fellow Japanese Masazo Nonaka, who turned 113 on Wednesday (25 July), while the oldest person and oldest female titles are yet to be confirmed in the wake of Chiyo’s passing.

Jeanne Louise Calment from France, who lived to the age of 122 from 1875-1997, has the record for the oldest person ever.

Chiyo's record was confirmed following an extensive research and evidence review process by Robert Young, Guinness World Records’ senior consultant for gerontology and the co-director for the Gerontology Research Group.