The LEGO Wright Flyer as in Guinness World Records 2019

Guinness World Records 2019 contains pages of eight incredible record breakers but recreated in LEGO form - from the Eiffel Tower to Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon.

Since October we have been giving away these kits one-by-one and now it’s time for the last one, the Wright Flyer.

With all components present and intact, this miniature model of the Wright brothers’ first power-driven aircraft represents a crucial moment in aeronautical history.

The seminal moment of First power-driven flight took place near Kill Devil Hills in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina (US), at 10.35 a.m. on the 17 December 1903.

Brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright owned a bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio. Both had strong mechanical skills and kept up to date with the latest experiments of manned flight in Germany.

But they’d also been observing the way birds angled their wings during flight, which sowed the seed of the idea of "patented wing warping", whereby the edges of an aircraft’s wings could be twisted in opposite directions, using cables connected to their outer edges – an early system of aircraft control.

LEGO Wright Flyer

The original Flyer I, which was constructed by the Wright brothers, on its maiden journey, flew 120 ft (36.5 m). Piloted by Orville, Flyer I maintained an airspeed of 30 mph (48 km/ h), a ground speed of 6.8 mph (10.9 km/ h) and an altitude of 8-12ft (2.4-3.6 m) for about 12 seconds.

Flyer I can still be visited today at the National Air and Space Museum, at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC.

To be in with a chance to win the LEGO model of this landmark plane, answer the question on the Wright Flyer's dedicated page.

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