Rubik's cube records set in 2018

Rubik's cube records are often a source of fascination. These innocent-looking toys can stump thousands while others solve them at an ever-quickening pace.

And it's not just one Rubik's cube people are solving.

In 2018 we've seen people solve multiple Rubik's cubes whilst juggling them, riding a unicycle and blindfolded. And then there's the cube creator who made a 33x33x33 puzzle.

Fastest time to solve a Rubik's cube

A record which often draws a lot of attention.

On 6 May, Australian Feliks Zemdegs solved a Rubik’s cube at the Cube for Cambodia competition in Melbourne in just 4.22 seconds.

The then 22-year-old managed to peel 0.37 seconds off the previous best set by SeungBeom Cho (South Korea).

Feliks has been working hard on his Rubik’s cube solving, managing to whittle down his time from 6.77 seconds in 2010, to 4.73 in 2016 and now a record-breaking 4.22!

Fastest time to solve three Rubik’s cubes whilst juggling

This record is just mesmerising to watch. Que Jianya from Fujian, China not only solves Rubik’s cubes but he does so while juggling them. 

Solving one cube at a time as he juggled all three, he managed to complete the mind-boggling challenge in 5 minutes 6.61 seconds, wowing millions of people in the process.

The teenager trained for two years before going on national TV in China to attempt the record. On 23 December 2017 Que appeared on the iDream of China TV show in Hangzhou, Zhejian. But it was in 2018, when his achievement was viewed more than 112 million times on Facebook and four million times on YouTube.

And he didn't stop there.

Fastest time to solve a 3x3x3 Rubik's cube by a team of two

While on iDream of China, Que teamed up with his mentor, Ye Jiax, to solve a Rubik's cube together.

The pair had to beat a time of 28.61 seconds and duly did so, completing the cube in 25.63 seconds.

Fastest time to solve three Rubik’s Cubes simultaneously with hands and feet

Que was invited back to feature in this year’s Guinness World Records Day and was given two suitably difficult challenges.

First the teenage cube master was given another three of the six-sided puzzles and challenged with the Fastest time to solve three Rubik’s Cubes simultaneously with hands and feet which he mastered in 1 minute 36.39 seconds.

Fastest time to solve Rubik’s cube upside down

After that Que then had to solve just one Rubik’s cube, but while hanging upside down.

Again this proved no problem for Que as he set a new record of 15.84 seconds.

Fastest time to solve three Rubik’s cubes whilst juggling

No, this is not a mistake. Que’s most recent record is to go back and beat his original title.

Appearing on the Italian TV show La Notte dei Record (The Night of Records) in December, he shaved more than four seconds off his previous time to set a new record of 5 minutes 2.43 seconds.

Largest order Rubik’s cube/magic cube

Gregoire Pfennig (France) a 23-year-old mechanical engineer, created the largest fully functional Rubik’s Cube in Belfort, France.

Comprised of 6,153 movable parts and weighing 3.15kg (6.59 lb), the cube weighs 22 times more than a standard example.

Gregoire has been designing Rubik’s cubes for eight years and says he is always compelled to try something new. He started creating the 3D design for the 33x33x33 cube back in 2014 but didn’t have the $7,000 budget needed to complete it.

Thankfully for Gregoire a sponsored stepped in and after 205 hours of construction time – the Largest order Rubik’s cube would be complete!

Most Rubiks cubes solved on a unicycle

Most Rubik’s cubes solved on a unicycle

A challenging combination of activities, unicycling and puzzle solving.

On 31 March 2018 Caleb McEvoy (US) spent 2 hours 35 minutes pedaling his way into the record books in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea as he solved Rubik's cubes while riding a unicycle.

As if perfect balance wasn’t enough witnesses state that all of Caleb’s handoffs were smooth with no cubes dropped.

Caleb cycled continuously as he made his way through 250 cubes. 

Most Rubik's cubes solved whilst running 5 km

Most Rubik’s cubes solved whilst running 5 km

Jeremy Duehring from Arlington, Virginia (US) wanted to combine his love of running and exercise with his passion for Rubik’s cubes.

So much that he decided to attempt this Guinness World Records title. 28 April 2018, Jeremy ran 5 km at his local athletics track and simultaneously managed to solve 40 Rubik’s cubes becoming a new record title holder.

He also ran the distance in 24 minutes 39 seconds.

Most Rubik’s cubes solved while blindfolded

Shivam Bansal (India) broke the record for the most Rubik’s cubes solved whilst blindfolded in Ghaziabad, Utter Pradesh, India on 22 July.

Shivam stole the record from previous record holder, Marcin Kowalczyk from Poland, setting the new record title at a final count of 48.

The record attempt took place during the Delhi Monsoon Open, Shivam was given an hour to solve as many cubes as possible.

Fastest time to solve a 7x7x7 Rubik's cube

American Max Park managed to solve a 7x7x7 Rubik's cube in 1 minute 59.89 seconds at the Cerritos Open in California (US) on 14 April.

Max also set a new record for the Fastest time to solve a 6x6x6 Rubik's cube, completing it in 1 minute 19.46 seconds.

We look forward to seeing which Rubik's cube records will be broken in 2019!