The tiny students of Turkish pre-school Vilayetler Hizmetler Birligi Kindergarten proved that age doesn’t matter when it comes to art or record-breaking.

400 kids and their teachers worked together to create the world’s Largest fabric marbling painting in Antakya, Hatay and the design is spectacular.

Largest fabric marbling painting kids

Measuring a huge 50 m (164.042 ft) in length and 2 m (6.56168 ft) in width, the children significantly surpassed the previous record setting painting that was 44.46 m (145.87 ft) x 1.72 m (5.64 ft), created in the same country back in 2013.

Largest fabric marbling painting aerial view

The school arranged the event to promote the importance of art education for young kids.

Marbling involves creating an image on the surface of a liquid and then transferring it onto a piece of fabric.

The technique produces beautiful patterns, especially when lots of bright colours are used.