Japanese singer Mai Kuraki claims animation theme songs record for Detective Conan aka Case Closed

By Kazami Kamioka
Mai Kuraki Tokyo presentation detective conan case closed

Photo: Gosyo Aoyama, Shogakukan Inc, Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, TMS 1996
Japanese singer Mai Kuraki was presented with a Guinness World Records certificate this week in Tokyo, recognising her achievement for Most theme songs sung by the same artist for an animation series.

In 2000, Mai Kuraki debuted in her first collaboration with Japanese popular manga animation, Detective Conan aka Case Closed, adapted from the popular comic of the same name - and her song 'Secret Of My Heart' was used in the end titles. Since then, the collaboration continued and the tally of songs Mai provided for the Detective Conan series has reached a total of 21.

Mai Kuraki Tokyo presentation detective conan case closed collage

Speaking at the presentation at Guinness World Records Japan headquarters in Tokyo, Mai said: “I was really surprised when I heard the news."

“I want to celebrate this news with all my fans because I feel that I have been making every single song with my fans”. Mai also mentioned that she herself is a big fan of Detective Conan. “The concept of the anime is love and friendship. And this show has encouraged me so many times over the years.”

The 21 theme songs from the show have been released between 26 April 2000 and 12 April 2017. Detective Conan aka Case Closed has been broadcast by Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation and Nippon TV since 1996.