Itsuki Morita from Japan has only just started elementary school but he has already etched his name in Guinness World Records history.
Aged just 6 years and 114 days, Itsuki became the world’s Youngest club DJ after playing an hour set at restaurant&bar L in Osaka, Japan.
He played a number of tracks using professional Pioneer XDJ AERO decks in front of a big crowd of both adults and other kids.
Youngest DJ playing 
Asked why he wanted to become a DJ, the young boy simply said: “I saw people DJing and thought it looks fun.”
Itsuki – who also likes to drum – was first taught to mix by a friend of his mum’s.
He likes to play a mixture of disco and rock music (anything he can hum to, says his mum), but Avicii is his favourite DJ.
Youngest club DJ 
Asked how it feels to be a Guinness World Records holder, the six-year-old said: “The happiest time! I was really happy that I could DJ. Everyone says it’s great.”
“He didn’t give up thinking he could become a world record holder,” added his mum. “His has a big smile when she is told that his mixing is good.”
Youngest DJ audience