The Incredible Science Machine team recently toppled a spectacular Guinness World Records title at their annual event in Westland, Michigan, USA.
The team set up a spellbinding chain reaction using tens-of-thousands of dominoes and props, including different sections representing each continent.
The incredible display culminated with a bang and smashed the world record for the Most dominoes toppled in a circle bomb/circle field.
76,017 dominoes were set up in a huge circle and smoothly fell from the centre towards the outer edge, mesmerising an open-mouthed audience.
It took a team of 18 expert domino artists 10 days to set up the entire formation - and just minutes to fall.
The Incredible Science Machine team have taken the record from multiple record breakers Sinners Domino Entertainment (Germany), who set the previous record with 54,321 in 2014.
The team's leader, 22-year-old Steve Price, said:
"The Incredible Science Machine Team is very passionate about domino art and sharing it with an audience to amaze and inspire them."
Their aim is to encourage kids to start experimenting with chain reactions as a hobby and get them excited by STEM subjects.