What to expect on Guinness World Records' new Facebook show, Beyond the Record

By David Stubbings
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Guinness World Records is launching a brand new series on Facebook this November, starring some of our most recognisable record breakers.

Called Beyond the Record, we will meet five record holders (each with their own unique episode) to talk about their titles and find out more about them. There may even be some Guinness World Record title attempts too!

Each week a brand new episode - commissioned by Facebook - will be released, just follow our brand new Beyond the Record Facebook Watch page to see the latest content as we crisscross the world to meet some truly amazing people.

Facebook Watch

But, how can you watch these new episodes? Here's all the information you need:

Where to watch

All five episodes will be released on our brand new Facebook Watch page, Beyond the Record.

When to watch

One episode will be released each Thursday through November and into December.

Who are the record breakers?

A total of five Guinness World Record title holders feature in the episodes with each having their own dedicated show.

  • Guinness World Records goes to Japan to visit Cherry Yoshitake, aka Mr Cherry, who has 18 Guinness World Records titles and is known for crushing walnuts with his bum. What makes him tick and can he achieve any more records?
  • Meet Jyoti Amge, the Shortest woman (living) to find out what life is like at 2 ft tall.
  • Competitive eater Kevin Strahle is known as the LA Beast and has an audience of millions thanks to eating things like cactus, curdled milk, and spiders - now he's going for six new Guinness World Records titles.
  • Chuck Helmke and Charlotte Guttenberg love tattoos - in fact they both have 97% of their bodies covered - and are the Most tattooed senior citizens.
  • Tao Porchon-Lynch is still a yoga teacher and competitive ballroom dancer at the astonishing age of 99. We learn more about her incredible life and give her a surprise she'll never forget!

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Official press release

Guinness World Records Premieres “Beyond the Record” Series Exclusively for Facebook’s Watch Platform

Launched as an original series for Facebook, “Beyond the Record” gives an in depth, behind the scenes look into the unique lives and stories behind the world’s most fascinating, barrier-breaking Guinness World Records title holders.

In its continued quest to tell the incredible human stories that globally unite its fans, “Beyond the Record”, is an original five episode series with new episodes available on Facebook’s Watch platform every Friday.

Hosted by TV personality and model, Asha Leo, we travel the world to walk a day in the life of the Shortest woman, the Oldest ballroom dancer, a competitive eater, the Most tattooed senior citizens, and a popular record holder known for crushing walnuts with his bum.

Check out the series trailer here.

“As Guinness World Records has dramatically increased in-house media and content production, it’s thrilling to be playing such an integral part of this new strategy from one of the world’s most popular social networks," said Rob Molloy, Director of Global TV Content and sales, Guinness World Records. 

"As a brand with the global reach and appeal that we have, and with an existing fanbase of more than 13m on Facebook, this gives us an opportunity to present an insight into some of our most iconic record-holders in a manner that no other content creators are able to.

“We also very much look forward to growing our content partnership with the iconic Facebook as we continue to develop projects globally.”

The five episodes, which range in length from 8 to 14 minutes, include:

Cherry Powe

Filmed in Tokyo – starring Cherry Yoshitake – November 16. Cherry Yoshitake: Multiple record holder, including Most nuts crushed by sitting down in 30 seconds and Most underpants pulled on in one minute

World’s Shortest Woman

Filmed in Nagpur, India – starring Jyoti Amge – November 23. Jyoti Amge: Shortest woman living, former Shortest teenager (female)

The Beast’s Buffet 

Filmed in New Jersey – starring LA Beast, Kevin Strahle - November 30. Kevin Strahle: Multiple record holder, including Most ghost peppers eaten in two minutes and Fastest time to drink a bottle of maple syrup

Fully Inked 

Filmed in Florida – starring Chuck Helmke and Charlotte Guttenberg – December 7. Charlotte Guttenberg: Most tattooed senior citizen (female), Most feathers tattooed on the body. Chuck Helmke: Most tattooed senior citizen (male), Most skulls tattooed on the body

Dancing Queen 

Filmed in New York – starring Tao Porchon-Lynch - December 14. Tao Porchon-Lynch: Oldest competitive ballroom dancer (female), former Oldest yoga teacher

Series credits

Created in-house by Guinness World Records’ production arm, the series is executive produced by Lindsay Roth (Creator, EP for Emmy Nominated The Real Girl’s Kitchen, Larry King Now, Queen Boss, Recessionista) and executive produced and directed by Liam Le Guillou (Producer/Co-Director, Telly Award winning Style Out There, Cinematographer for Cinequest winning feature Painless).



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