If at first you don’t succeed, trying again might just earn you a Guinness World Record title.
It did for 44-year-old Kevin Robinson, who went airborne at 84 feet to achieve the Longest power assisted bicycle backflip. 
The attempt was televised on ESPN as “America’s Navy presents World of X Games: KRob Flips Providence” on Saturday. 
Robinson, a former professional BMX rider, came out of retirement for the attempt, which saw him gain the incredible speed required for the stunt by being having his bike pulled by an ATV. 
The set up for the event was just meters away from city hall in Providence, Rhode Island, where a crowded arena surrounded two intimidating X Games BMX ramps that “K-Rob” would need to flip over for the attempt to be valid. 
Longest power assisted bicycle backflip 1 adjudicator 
Commentators announced that in order for the legendary X Games star to make it, he would need to land the 34 degree slope at a rapid 43 mph. 
Gripping the handlebars of his bike, the ATV launched backwards a first time, as eyes everywhere watched K-Rob’s body spin in mid-air.
Longest power assisted bicycle backflip 5
Upon landing, a gasp erupted from the crowd as Robinson lost control of his bike after hitting the top of the ramp instead of the downward slope as planned. 
His bike violently turned over as paramedics rushed to examine him after his seemingly painful wipe out.
Within minutes Robinson was willing to try again to complete the record, set at 64 feet. 
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For a second time K-Rob was propelled forward by the speed of the ATV, with fans everywhere holding their breath to see if he would overcome his previous mishap.
With a smooth hurl, Robinson lived up to his BMX fame and did a stunning backflip followed by a landing that made controlling such a slope look effortless. 
Longest Power Assisted Bicycle Backflip X Games K-Rob
Robinson beat the record by 20 feet, setting the new world record at 84 feet. 
Longest power assisted bicycle backflip 4
After receiving his certificate from our official adjudicator, K-Rob told local reporters, “Will someone break this someday? Maybe, but today is my day…. Live your life to the absolute fullest.”