Students from the Medical University of Varna in Bulgaria have broken the Guinness World Records title for the Largest human DNA helix following an event on the South Beach in Varna last month.
On the beautiful Black Sea coast, an incredible 4,000 people formed the intricate design, wearing different coloured t-shirts and hats in order to differentiate the intertwining DNA strands.
The incredible attempt was organised by the university as a fun way to integrate the university’s many international students, who are from 44 different countries around the globe, as well as “make a stronger relation between us as future medical specialists – doctors, dentists, pharmacists, public health specialists”.
Largest human DNA helix record attempt
Guinness World Records adjudicator Jack Brockbank attended the event to ensure that all the guidelines were followed, including that the participants remained in place for a minimum of five minutes.
He was thrilled to announce that the university had smashed the previous record of 3,034 participants, which was achieved by Hacettepe University (Turkey) three years ago.
Largest human DNA helix certificate presentation
Guinness World Records adjudicator Jack Brockbank presents the certificate to rector of Medical University of Varna, Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov.