The Annabelle Candy Company, a California-based candy manufacturer, recently set the record for the Largest taffy. The taffy weighed a whopping 237.68 kg (524 lb) and was created in celebration of the company’s 65th anniversary.
Following two years of extensive planning, the candy company finally achieved the Guinness World Records title.
The super-sized candy was made by 20 employees over a span of two hours.
In order for the record to be approved, a food hygienist was on hand to ensure the taffy was prepared hygienically and a surveyor was present to weigh the candy.
The record-breaking taffy was made to look like the Abba-Zaba bar, a product sold by the Annabelle Candy Company.
The president of the company, Gary Gogol, was on hand to accept the title and said: “Getting into the Guinness World Records is great but celebrating that our customers continue to enjoy our candy is even more rewarding."
The Annabelle Candy Company was founded in 1950 by Gogol’s grandfather and remains a family business to this day.