Get ready to say “ahhhh!” Bernd Schmidt (Germany) is the incredible Guinness World Records title holder for the Largest gape.

As one of the stars of #GWR2017, he earned himself a spot in this year’s book for having a mouth that stretches a whopping 8.8cm, which is just over the length of a baseball.

Largest gape 2 

Bernd beat former record holder JJ Bittner’s previous record of 8.4cm by an impressive 0.4 cm.

JJ set the record back in 2004, meaning no one has challenged this title for nearly 12 years!

Largest gape 3 

Bernd wouldn’t have been in this year’s 2017 edition super stars had it not been for his youngest son, who saw JJ’s record in the 2015 edition of the book.

Once Bernd had told his friends about it everyone was encouraging him to go for the Guinness World Records title.

He mentioned it’s something he has always been able to do and takes pride in showing his family and friends his talent.

In order to achieve the record, Bernd placed 5 metal rods in his mouth measuring from 8.4cm which was the current record and another rod at 8.8cm which was the length that earned him the title.

This was approved by his dentist who measured the rods which Bernd placed between his upper and lower incisors.

Bernd has been a huge fan of Guinness World Records since he was younger and always read the book.

He describes having a record title and being featured in the 2017 edition to be ‘unbelievable’ and can’t wait show his family his accomplishment. 

Largest gape

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