Just one minute after baby Chanel Murrish was born, she underwent open heart surgery and became the youngest patient ever to go through this serious operation. 
Mrs Murrish was told at her 20 week scan that Chanel had a one in three million heart condition, that in fact she only had half a heart – a condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome with the added complication of an intact atrial septum.
Her mother, Fay Murrish, from Newcastle, UK told Guinness World Records: "We were told Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome was the most fatal congenital heart defect - and that less than 50% of children will make it to the age of five but even more heart wrenchingly because of Chanel's extra complication of an Intact Atrial Septum this survival rate was dramatically lower."
When Chanel was born at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital she was not placed into her mother’s arms but spent her first precious moments under the surgeon's knife.
Yet this crucial and radical surgery gave the literally new-born baby a chance at life.
Chanel Murrish after surgery
In spite of having to undergo another surgery only a week later, Chanel has proved to be an inspirational fighter who appears unfazed by her traumatic experiences.
Mrs Murrish said “Chanel has proved she is determined to live. I’m so proud of her.”

"She is our miracle and smiles through everything - the biggest inspiration we have ever know and teaches everyone around her to always have faith!"
Chanel’s extraordinary survival is a credit to current advances in medical treatment, as well as the unrelenting love and care of her family.
Chanel Murrish and family
Another remarkable young survival record is held by Sophie Parker (UK) who in 1992 received her first donor heart at the age of 2.
At the age of 8, she became the Youngest recipient of two donor hearts when she received another to aid her first one.
Baby Chanel miraculously surpassed all expectations by becoming the youngest baby ever to experience and survive open heart surgery, but regrettably Chanel too will require a heart transplant.
Chanel will need more heart surgeries in the near future and is due her next stage open heart at between 3-5 years of age.
Guinness World Records wish Chanel and her family every hope and happiness as they continue on their incredible, inspiring journey.