British teenager Lewis Clarke has been officially recognised by Guinness World Records as the youngest person to trek to the South Pole.

Lewis, who attends Queen Elizabeth's Hospital School in Bristol, was 16 years and 61 days old when he reached the Geographic South Pole on 18 January earlier this year, having skied 1,123.61 km (698.18 miles; 606.7 nm) from Hercules Inlet on the Ronne Ice Shelf.

The intrepid young adventurer was joined by experienced polar guide Carl Alvey, 30, for the unsupported trek, meaning only human power was used to move forward, with no wind, animal or motorized vehicle power.

During the attempt, Lewis skied for an average of eight hours a day and had to withstand temperatures as low as -40C (-40F) and winds of up to 120mph (193km/h).

As well as helping him earn a place in the history books, Lewis’ trek has also so far helped raise over £3,000 for the Prince's Trust charity.

On Friday, Lewis will be visiting the Guinness World Records offices and we’re giving you the chance to ask him questions about his incredible feat.

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In the meantime, if you would like to read more about his incredible adventure, check out Lewis's blog here :

You can also donate to Lewis's chosen charity, The Prince's Trust, via his Just Giving page here: