Guinness World Records can today confirm a meeting of epic proportions!

The world’s tallest and shortest men will be meeting for the very first time on November 13th in central London to commemorate Guinness World Records Day and the 60th anniversary of the Guinness World Records Book.

In addition to the duo being brought together, the 10 th annual Guinness World Records Day on November 13 th 2014 is set to unite the globe, as thousands of people come together to celebrate the international day of record-breaking.

Both Sultan Kösen (Turkey) and Chandra Dangi (Nepal) have literally travelled across the globe to join in on the Guinness World Records 60 th anniversary celebrations.


Sultan first became the world's Tallest living man in 2009, and measures 251 cm (8 ft 3 in) in height.

The part-time farmer was the first man over 8 ft (2.43 m) to be measured by Guinness World Records in over 20 years.

He took the title from Xi Shun (China, b. 1951), who measured 2.361 m (7 ft 8.95 in) in height when measured in 2005. Sultan also holds the record for Largest hands on a living person, each one measuring 28.5 cm (11.22 in) from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger.

Chandra is the world’s Shortest man ever measuring 54.6cm (21.5 in), making him the same size of six stacked cans of baked beans.


He lives in the isolated Nepalese village of Reemkholi in Dang district, some 540 kilometres southwest of the capital Kathmandu. Chandra is the shortest adult human to ever have their height verified by Guinness World Records, beating a benchmark set by Gul Mohammed, (New Delhi, India, 1957-1997) who measured 57 cm (22.5 in).

In addition to the world’s tallest and shortest men meeting for the very first time, there is a stellar line up of international record attempts occurring simultaneously on November 13 th. Highlights this year include the Harlem Globetrotters star Thunder Law ‘s attempt for the Farthest basketball shot backwards (Record to beat: 22 metres) in Phoenix, USA, Australia’s Anthony Kelly will be attempting the Most spears caught from a spear gun underwater in one minute (Record to beat is 7) and China’s Shangri La Hotel will be attempting the Most people eating breakfast in bed (Record to beat is 289 people).

In the UK highlights are expected to be the Longest line of cakes (record to beat: 606.6 metres) led by BBC Gloucestershire for children in need, and the Largest Gathering ofPeople Dressed as Penguins (Record to beat: 325 participants) in Tower Bridge, in support of Richard House - the Children’s Hospice.

Established to commemorate the day in 2004 when Guinness World Records became the world’s best-selling copyright book, every year Guinness World Records Day captures the imagination of people young and old, from every side of the world to attempt some truly amazing and awe inspiring feats.

Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief, Craig Glenday, said: “This year’s Guinness World Records day is particularly special as we celebrate the 60 th anniversary of the world’s best-selling copyrighted book, by bringing together two of our most iconic record holders. Guinness World Records Day brings together likeminded people, whether they’re penguins, arrow catchers, basketball players, tall or short, we celebrate the uniqueness of individuals around the globe and invite anyone to participate in the international day of record breaking!”

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