From the Archives is a new feature here on, in which we'll be showing off some of the many weird and wonderful record-breaking items we have here at Guinness World Records HQ - take a look!

Every morning, millions of people across the world digest all the news that's fit to print, as they read their morning newspaper of choice over breakfast, or on their commute to work. While perhaps a little low-tech in the age of smartphones and e-readers, it's still the medium of choice for many when it comes to digesting current affairs.

But, how many people read a paper that's small enough to fit on the end of one finger?


Not too many at all! This is one of just 3000 copies printed of the smallest newspaper, measuring just 18.27 x 25.35 mm (0.72 x 0.99 in).

You might think it merely looks like a scaled-down paper, but oh no - as per our guidelines, it must be an absolute replica - and even be readable, under magnification!


As you can see, this miniature edition of Portugal's Terra Nostra newspaper from February 2012, printed by Nova Gráfica and weighing just 1 gram, is perfectly readable up close... assuming you understand Portuguese, of course!


Check back soon as we again delve into the Guinness World Records archive to find another fascinating record-breaking object - though perhaps next time we'll pick something a little larger!