Colonel Meow found his way into the record books in August 2013.


Wait, can we seriously not just watch a list of GIFs over and over to celebrate the greatest television experience in the history of mankind, which happened in August? OK, fine. I guess there was a lot of other stuff happening this month, including a little old tennis competition known as the US Open, Miley twerking for the cameras, and Breaking Bad tweeking for one last time. August always fills us with the sense of hazy summer milieu – a seemingly endless limbo where we feel caught somewhere between the excitement of that first lick of an ice cream cone in June and that first zip of the windbreaker in September. But this year, it had a fair share of record tricks as well.

One thing summer is great for? Festivals. One thing having a Scottish editor-in-chief in the office is great for? Hearing about his favourite festival. Craig Glenday takes us through what makes the iconic Edinburgh Festival so fantastic.

The theme for record-breaking this month was evidently that bigger is better. August saw two records of epic proportions come together with some on-point logistics and teamwork. Mary Kay proved that makeup is art with its largest makeup painting, while the Red Clay Consolidated School District aimed skyward for its record.

Lego tower story body 2.jpg

Sports saw the kickoff of the latest Premier League season, a season which – as we approach the halfway point of the campaign – still shows no sign of letting us know what in the world is happening or who might win it.

We were also introduced to the latest (and hairiest) world leader hell bent on global domination: Colonel Meow. The furry feline was named as the cat with the longest fur, which we think is his Trojan Horse tactic of taking over GWR, then the world!

August also proved a great month for inspiration, as it marked the 50 th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, “I Have a Dream” speech. We asked some notable black Guinness World Records title-holders to reflect on what that speech meant to them, and it’s definitely worth a read.

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