PwC Origami

The Results

Record Achieved
Largest origami word
Number achieved
4,151 paper airplanes
Objective and Results
Sharing a sense of accomplishment at the kick-off meeting, and bringing the team together

The Brief

At the kick-off meeting to share their new vision, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Aarata LLC wanted to create a team building opportunity that would allow their employees to pursue a common goal through mutual-cooperation, enabling a shared sense of accomplishment.

The Solution

A GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS employee engagement campaign was recommended to bring their staff together. Their goal was to enable their employees to join forces and achieve a record title to encourage the enhanced internal engagement sought by PwC Aarata. PwC Aarata requested to break a record that had a significant meaning for the organisation. The Largest origami word with origami airplanes was suggested, as the symbol of flying paper planes was used in newspaper advertisements when PwC was first established. Attempting the record symbolised flying towards future objectives, while taking the company back to where it all began.

The employees at PwC Aarata achieved their GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title, making a word with 4,151 origami airplanes as a result, under strict inspection by the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Official Adjudicator. It enabled a shared sense of accomplishment for the team, enhancing teamwork and collaboration. Employees actively participated in folding each origami airplane and pasting them into the form of the company name.

It was possible to get a sense of accomplishment as one team by having everyone actively participate in the event. When we achieved the record, I was extremely moved by the thought that we accomplished it together through co-operation.

— Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata LLC