Nutella's Longest Line of Pancakes Case Study

The Results

Press/TV coverage
2 live TV broadcasts with Studio 10 at the event (1 pre-event and 1 during)
Campaign reach
Over 4.2 million reached
Website visitors
Over 15,000-page visits to the Nutella ‘Spread Love’ website during the campaign
Social engagement
Over 3,000 messages and 5,215 social interactions
Overall sentiment
100% positive sentiment

The Brief

Nutella Australia wanted to end February, 'The Month of Love', with a Guinness World Records title attempt for the Longest line of pancakes.

The record attempt was the culmination of their month-long 'Spread a little love' digital campaign, where users were encouraged to share personalised messages of endearment about their loved ones. For each shared message, more pancakes were added to the line, contributing towards a collective goal of 50-m.

Making the pancakes

The Solution

Nutella hoped their 'Spread a little love' campaign would encourage their social audiences to share, create and personalise little messages of love for their partners, friends and family. As the social audience ultimately determined how long the record-breaking line of pancakes would be, the campaign attracted a huge amount of social engagement.

The campaign was a huge success, with Nutella receiving over 3,696 messages of love and smashing the required minimum of 50-m with a grand total of 110.85-m of pancakes. The successful record attempt rounded off Nutella's 'Spread a little love' digital campaign on a high with over 5,000 social interactions and a total reach figure of over 4 million. Over 4,000 people attended the event at Sydney University, during its Orientation Day for new students.

Nutella Australia GWR attempt

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