The Results

App Downloads:
Consumer Engagement:
790,371 engagements
Videos submitted:
234 videos across Europe

The Brief

Guinness World Records worked with McDonald’s to create a multichannel two month long licensing campaign. McDonald’s was looking for a premium idea that would encourage children to play with their parents and at home. McDonald’s utilised the Guinness World Records IP to deliver an immersive record-breaking experience for children and their families around Europe through their Happy Meal premiums (toys) programme.

The Solution

The Guinness World Records team worked with McDonald’s and came up with a series of record-breaking ideas to give every child the chance to set a Guinness World Records title. 

The Guinness World Records Happy Meal premiums were distributed to 43 markets in 38 languages and were designed to take the 100 million weekly customers on an exciting and engaging record-breaking journey involving the whole family. 

The eight different record breaking premiums included in the Happy Meal programme were developed for children between the ages of four and twelve, to allow them to practice skills such as dexterity and balance. 

Once children felt they were close to the world record, they would be prompted, with the assistance of their parents, to upload their recorded attempts on a dedicated micro-site through a mobile app, which was officially adjudicated remotely. All new record holders were announced on a monthly basis through the McDonald’s social media channels.