The Most Laptops Toppled in a Domino Fashion Guinness World Record Title

The Results

Record broken
520 laptops toppled
1,300 people took part in the challenge

The Brief

At the end of April 2018, the Lenovo BT/IT team were holding a conference in Beijing, China with the theme ‘Joining Together and Going Forward.’

The companies wanted to host an activity that would boost morale and cooperation between the 1,300 employees in attendance.

The Solution

Guinness World Records suggested that a domino toppling title would be a suitable challenge for the group, as it requires teamwork and collaboration – plus, it’s fun. Lenovo decided to attempt the Most laptops toppled in a domino fashion, using the employee’s own notebook laptops.

Domino experts were brought onboard to help design a pattern that included branded elements and the conference theme. As well as setting up 520 laptops, the mesmerising formation also included around 45,000 dominoes.

Lenovo laptop toppling full set up

Finally, after two hours of preparation, the team managed to break the record.

The laptops weren’t damaged and the team took them back to their offices afterwards.

"I knew about Guinness World Records from the TV, but I’ve never participated in an event before. This time I was part of the challenge, from beginning to end, and have witness the whole process of breaking a record. We were so excited to see that," said a Lenovo employee.

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“I think the idea of [putting laptops] together to break a work record, challenge yourselves, do things that have never been done before, is really exciting. It’s also a great way for me to cheer my team. The teamwork involved in actually connecting all the pieces together, that was absolutely the key to make the success.”

— Arthur Hu, SVP & Chief information officer