Timed Records

These quick-fire record challenges are great for PR stunts and audience engagement. Records typically have to be completed in the fastest time possible, or in one minute or less.

a person walking around a maze of lego

What to expect

This fast-paced format challenges participants to break a record within a time frame, such as most dominoes stacked in one minute, fastest time to pack a suitcase and farthest distance walking barefoot on LEGO® bricks (pictured).

Many of the records in this category are simple to set up, making them perfect for integrating customer engagement into a PR or marketing stunt. 

Please note that if you are attempting a record for commercial purposes, you may be directed to our account-managed Consultancy Division which is a paid-for service.
To learn more visit our Business Solutions FAQ page, or get in touch with one of the team.


Ready to make your mark in record history?