Galleries & Exhibits

GWR Galleries are a theatrical, multi-sensory experience, showcasing the record-breaking universe through our award-winning photography.
GWR Exhibits brings the opportunity for people to engage with our genuine record-breaking memorabilia in an entertaining and authentic way. 


Each gallery has a unique theme which provides the inspiration for lighting, sounds and scents which complement the imagery.  

Visitors are led to each exhibition area by a trail of ​themed footprints, with exteriors designed as our interpretation of a 21st century GWR Gallery.​ This is a great way to discover more about the world of record breaking – the use of accompanying audio commentary ensures that the origins behind each story are fully discovered. 


Whether it’s making a trick shot with the world’s largest pool cue or squeezing the world’s largest whoopee cushion, each exhibit display is carefully curated by our expert team, ensuring it matches your target audience’s taste. 

While most collections benefit from being an eclectic mix, some can be themed, for example, ‘Science’ related artefacts or ‘Big Stuff’ (very large record-breaking objects).  

Available for hire, we own hundreds of authentic artefacts and use our extensive library of videos and pictures to bring each story to life. 


Ready to make your mark in record history?