Anniversaries & Celebrations

Mark your milestone by becoming a record holder

Whatever you're celebrating - from company anniversaries, to town and community celebrations and seasonal festivities - an Official Record Attempt not only adds to the excitement, but provides further opportunity for people to come together and get involved! After all, nothing says 'Celebration' quite like a Guinness World Records achievement!

Halls of Scotland

Hall’s of Scotland are proud producers of traditional Scottish food and have been filling the fridges of locals since 1932. Thirty years after earning a record title for the Largest haggis, they decided that with 2014 being the official year of the haggis, it was time to to reclaim it! The record-breaking haggis was unveiled at The Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh, Scotland’s annual farming and countryside showcase and an important business platform, where it became a visitor attraction over four days. In addition to the thousands who witnessed the haggis first-hand, the extraordinary feat also received PR coverage worth £126,000, reaching over 61 million!

The Jacobs Foundation & Carma® Barry Callebaut Schweiz AG

The Jacobs Foundation were celebrating 25 years as a world-leading charity dedicated to promoting social change in youth development. One of the Charity’s key partners is leading global chocolate brand, Barry Callebaut; owner of Carma® - a speciality brand for artisans and pastry chefs. The charity wanted to celebrate its 25-year history and bring to life the mission at its very core, so instead of a birthday cake, they decided to celebrate by attempting to create the longest chocolate praline sculpture, with assistance from Barry Callebut chocolatiers! Zurich’s Chocolate Academy™ Centre Team (owned by Barry Callebut and dedicated to training artisan chefs and chocolatiers) completed the attempt, emphasising the charity’s mission to promote training and development. The record-breaking praline was distributed to approx. 3,000 guests including children, teenagers and parents in attendance. Media coverage of the attempt reached over 400,000 people, valued at €36,500!

Serengeti Park

Serengeti-Park, a zoo and leisure park in Germany, were celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2014 and decided that only the world’s largest fruitcake cake would do! The challenge was undertaken by the Managing Director of the park and his team. The cake was unveiled to an audience of 200 VIP guests, including former German President, Christian Wulff. The glamorous anniversary occasion sparked mainstream media interest in Germany and England, including coverage on,, and

Friedrichstadt-Palast Show Theatre

Located in the heart of Berlin’s East End theatre district, the historic Friedrichstadt-Palast show theatre is often referred to as the biggest in Europe, with the likes of Shirley Bassey, Phil Collins and Liza Minnelli having all appeared on its stage over the years. To celebrate the new building's 30th anniversary, and thank guests for their loyalty; the venue organised a record attempt for the Longest Line of donuts - Berliner donuts that is - a North German take on the humble donut. 300 exclusive backstage tickets were raffled to the general public to witness the attempt and guests were invited to tuck into the donuts during a special party opened by actress Julia Richter and theatre director, Berndt Schmidt. Provided by local bakery Bäckerei Laufer, a total of 6,448 doughnuts were used for the attempt , which were laid out in a line measuring 561.4 m (1841 ft 10 in), which weaved its way around the venue’s huge foyer.