Community Engagement

Bringing communities together

Whether you're trying to raise public health awareness, promote a new local service or hosting a regional celebration - an Official Record Event brings together people of all ages, from all walks of life for the once-in-a-lifetime experience that is a Guinness World Records record attempt. Let us help you to create an engaging opportunity that unites your community in a way like no other, by giving them the chance to become record-breakers! 

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Cheltenham Borough Council

Cheltenham Dance Festival was taking place for it's 23rd consecutive year and as part of a series of events designed to promote the town, Cheltenham Council wanted to bring together a large cross section of the community to celebrate civic pride. With dance being a great way for people to come together and celebrate collectively, the council decided to attempt a record title for Most people jiving simultaneously! To achieve the new record title, the organisers set themselves a target to teach as many people to jive as possible in the event lead-up. Local dance teachers taught over 300 people to jive in preparation for the attempt, at a series of free jive classes, aimed to help people prepare and be confident to take part in the Official Attempt. Over 1,000 jivers and non-jivers from across the local area took part in the Official Record Attempt on the Promenade in the town centre.

Bridgeland Nature Fest

The Bridgeland community in Cypress, Texas were holding the community's 7th annual "Nature Fest", a day of nature-themed entertainment and activities, with all funds raised through the day going to Habitat for Humanity NWHC and Staples Safari Zoo. To further amplify their fundraising efforts for 2014, Bridgeland organised a record title attempt which saw 994 residents take part in a headlining event, an attempt for the Most people bird-calling simultaneously.

Rochester Lilac Festival

For 116 years, the Rochester Lilac Festival has charmed millions of New York residents and visitors ready to welcome spring in Upstate New York. For 2014, the organisers wanted to reaffirm the solid history of the event amoungst New Yorkers and further engage their 500,000 attendees. Over 2,500 attendees took part in a truly spectacular record title attempt for the Largest human flower, which was of course purple! The attempt took place as the main event on opening day, as part of the festival's "A Passion for Purple" campaign.

VPS Healthcare

VPS Healthcare aim to create a sustainable healthcare delivery system. In order to support this goal, the UAE-based medical provider has a CSR programme focused on raising awareness and educating the community on managing their health. Breast cancer is one of the leading cancers in the UAE, and many cases are discovered in the advanced stages, compared to Western countries where the disease is typically discovered in earlier, more treatable stages. As part of a breast cancer awareness drive, VPS Healthcare set out to achieve a new record title for the Largest simultaneous self-examination for breast cancer, with 971 women participating at the Convention Center at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi.

Stiftung Naturschutz Berlin

German conservation foundation Stiftung Naturschutz Berlin highlighted the issue of waste and sustainability with a record attempt for Longest chain of plastic bags. Thousands of Berliners of all ages were invited to take part and helped to knot the bags together during the attempt which took place in the German capital’s Tempelhofer Feld in July as part of the Umweltfest environmental festival. The event was organised in conjunction with Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. (DUH) and Berlin’s public cleansing service Berliner Stadtreinigung. The nine kilometre long chain was formed of 30,000 bags which corresponded to the current hourly plastic bag consumption in Berlin.

City of Brownsville

With a diabetes and obesity rate that is higher than the national average, the city of Brownsville, Texas, focuses on supporting healthy habits. The city participates annually in a Biggest Loser challenge and was looking for a new way to promote awareness and excitement about physical fitness, while fostering community pride. The community came together a year later for a second fitness record. The largest Zumba® class was 1,223 people and was organized by the City of Brownsville and the UT Houston School of Public Health, Brownsville Regional Campus (both USA) at the Brownsville Sports Park in Brownsville, Texas, USA, on 30 April 2011. The largest Zumbatomic® class involved 383 participants and was achieved by the City of Brownsville and UT Houston, School of Public Health-Brownsville Regional Campus (both USA) at the Brownsville Sports Park in Brownsville, Texas, USA, on 28 April 2012.

Kaiser Permanente

As the premiere provider of health care in southern California, Kaiser Permanente’s mission is to provide health care for all by reaching out to the local communities. As a way to support this mission, the company wanted a way to further engage with the local public and promote their dedication to keeping the community healthy. Kaiser Permanente embarked on a year of record-breaking that was so successful, the campaign was extended and has reached over 80,000 people in the communities. Nineteen different records set since October 2010 including: - Most eye tests in 8 hours - 1,109 - Largest skin cancer screening - 780 participants - Largest health awareness lesson - 402 participants - Largest diabetic health screening - 521 screenings

University of Massachusetts

Each year the University of Massachusetts – Amherst holds a “Welcome Back” BBQ for students, faculty, staff and area residents. As part of the BBQ the University wanted something that would bring excitement and energy into the new academic year, while highlighting the importance of sustainability through locally sourced products. The University’s third record attempt brought in more attendees than any year prior. The largest stir-fry weighed 1,818.91 kg (4,010 lb) and was achieved by the University of Massachusetts Dining Services in Amherst, Massachusetts, USA, on 5 September 2011. The largest fish stew weighed 3,020.02 kg (6,658 lb) and was achieved by the University of Massachusetts Dining Services (USA) in Amherst, Massachusetts, USA, on 3 September 2012. The largest fruit salad weighed 6,935.88 kg (15,291 lb) and was achieved by University of Massachusetts Dining Services (USA) in Amherst, Massachusetts, USA, on 02 September 2013.