Experiential Marketing

Guinness World Records Live!

Ideal for: brand awareness, consumer engagement, product launch and sampling. 

Specifically designed to attract and entertain a passing audience GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Live! is perfect for shopping centres, festivals, sporting events and corporate hospitality looking for live, family-friendly engagement. 

The Live! experience allows people to practise, attempt and even break real record titles in real time. It is fun, fast and the records are deliberately accessible to everyone, making it a dynamic and playful way to attract and entertain passers-by that also captures media attention. Our expert events team will work with you to create a series of bespoke challenges that pull in crowds, but also communicate your key marketing messages effectively to ensure relevant yet enjoyable record titles for the target demographic. 

A high-energy, hands-on Live! event can convert any space into the ultimate entertainment hub; it can be adapted for indoor or outdoor scenarios and for a wide variety of locations, from town squares to trade shows or shopping centres. 

As part of the package, Guinness World Records provides:

  • Overall event design, record selection and testing, support on recruiting and training of key staff, project management pre/during and post-event, as well as live adjudication at the event and licensing of the Guinness World Records wordmark and logos. 
  • The whole package can be operated as either a turnkey (off the shelf) or bespoke experience designed to fit your marketing needs. 


Live record-breaking stations can be accompanied by Guinness World Records-themed picture opportunities, seaside style cut-out pictures and backdrops with fun props. These offer unique photo opportunities for visitors to take and share with friends.


The annual Minecraft convention Minecon in 2015 was the largest convention for a single videogame in terms of ticket sales. The organisers wanted to host activities that would immerse their fans in the game and celebrate their record.

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