Employee Engagement

From break-away-from-the-norm days to unconventional conventions, we’re making events extraordinary.

Here at Guinness World Records, we’ve spent sixty years championing those who go further, faster or higher than anyone else on earth. But we’re not talking comic book legends or big-screen superheroes. Record-breakers are ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

Today, that’s given us a captive audience of millions spread over 200 countries globally – whether it’s through our books and educational materials, TV series or online stories. And in the last five years, we’ve turned our attentions to the corporate world – designing and delivering tailored unforgettable events for meetings and conferences clients.

Authenticity, passion, integrity and, above all, celebration are the cornerstones of employee engagement events. So we’re swapping lanyards for lifelong achievements, and mixing formal receptions with fun-filled record attempts. Designed to energise your audience, fire up your teams and unite everyone behind a common cause, we’re proud to present the Guinness World Records Engage Programme.

Event formats can be tailored to fit a variety of contexts including:

  • Conferences
  • Staff parties
  • Leadership away-days
  • Training courses
  • SPIF days

Our solutions include:


The ultimate in employee team work where you take on the rest of the planet to attempt one record, as one team, to become the world’s best. It also includes customised consultancy to suit your event schedule, space and budget. 


We also work with partners and companies to design bespoke Guinness World Records events, which turn the ordinary into something truly out of this world. We’ll happily work with you to deliver an unforgettable event, designed with your specific goals and timeframes in mind.

Our clients include


Aaron's engaged their employees in a human mattress domino record and supported the local community by donating all 1,200 mattresses to D.C. area non-profit organisations.

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Domestic & General

Domestic & General were bringing together 200+ employees at Epsom Downs Racecourse for its annual conference. The conference was also being used as a backdrop for the announcement of a tremendous company-wide growth plan with the aim of engaging their customer facing sales reps and getting them on board with the company’s direction.

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