Schedule 1

Please read in full these important notes on the procedure for submission of materials & evidence:

How to collect and submit evidence

Procedure to submit materials & evidence:

  • Please submit your Materials as set out in the Guide to Your Evidence. This explains where to send your Materials, what documents are required and the format to be used.
  • Please note that GWR is under no obligation to return any Materials to you under any circumstances. For important documents, such as passports, certified copies are therefore acceptable. Please refer to the Guide to Your Evidence for further detail.
  • If the documentation you provide is not sufficient to verify your claim, it will be rejected. It is your responsibility to make sure that we receive a fully explained and evidenced claim.
  • Please note that we may be unable to confirm your Guinness World Records title if we do not have full permission to use the Materials you have submitted in support of your Claim. This is the purpose of Schedules 2 and 3. Schedule 2 relates to evidence that you own yourself or have permission for GWR to use. Please indicate which of your evidence falls within this category and sign Schedule 2 to give your permission for GWR to use it (or ask your parent or guardian to sign if you are under 18). Schedule 3 relates to evidence that you do not own. In this case, you will need to ask the person who owns the evidence to give GWR permission to use it. The owner can do this by signing Schedule 3. You will need a separate Schedule 3 for each third party owner of any Material you submit. GWR may use your Materials in any media. This not only includes our world famous publications, but all manner of uses (by us or others) such as on television, radio, videocassettes, DVDs, licensed merchandise and the internet.
  • In order to comply with the above requirement, it is advisable to consider carefully the type of Materials you intend to submit in advance of your Record Attempt. First, you should ensure that you have the contact details of any third parties involved so that any issues with permission can be resolved. Secondly, you should consider the type of evidence you will reply upon. Photographs or video are generally straightforward as usually only the permission of the photographer or camera operator is required (but you should always check that he or she does own the rights to the images or video). However, music, film clips and television recordings can lead to rights difficulties. Therefore, unless the latter categories are essential to your submission, it is advisable not to include them.