New York, NY (May 10, 2017) - GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ (GWR), the global authority on record breaking achievement, today announces the expansion of its Americas-based business with the establishment of full time presence in Los Angeles and Miami. For the first time, Guinness World Records will have representatives based in these two major markets, dedicated to working with record-holders and future record-breakers in the region, as well as delivering record-based business solutions for companies. 
The move to establish an official presence in these cities is a direct response to the exceptional growth in record-breaking across the region. As of 2016, California was the largest North American region as measured by record applications, existing record holders, and number of live adjudications. 
Guinness World Records has also seen tremendous growth across Latin America, with a nearly 50% increase in year-on-year regional business in 2016 alone. Interest in official adjudications also rose with a 26% rise in overall applications from the region, last year.  This territory has also led to growth internally. What began as an individually managed area in 2010 has grown to a seven-person department. 
The Los Angeles-based representative will support the company’s New York City based headquarters, handling brand and business development opportunities located on the Western Coast of the United States, while the Miami based team will serve as the central hub for Latin America, delivering the complete range of record services from application and assessment to record attempt verification and live record adjudication. 
“At Guinness World Records, we recognize the incredible achievements of individuals and brands. With skilled staff in Los Angeles and Miami, we’re able to provide a more personal presence for our record-holders as well as businesses interested in record-breaking experiences for their consumers and employees,” said Peter Harper, Senior Vice President, Americas at Guinness World Records. 
With over 7 years working at Guinness World Records, Kimberly Partrick will serve as Head of Brand Development, West Coast. Heading Miami operations as Director of Latin America, is Carlos Martinez, who has worked at Guinness World Records for 10 years, including stints in the New York, London and Tokyo offices. 
Kimberly and Carlos have adjudicated hundreds of record attempts combined and formerly served in leadership roles on the brands Records Management Team. As team leaders in their respective cities, the pair will focus on developing the record ambitions of individuals, groups and businesses alike. 
“In 2005, Guinness World Records North America started with just two employees. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of the employees behind our brand, we’ve expanded to have nearly 25 employees within this territory,” added Peter. “We’re looking forward to the great work Kimberly, Carlos and their respective teams will do to continue building the Guinness World Records brand and business.”
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