Thousands gathered in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, USA last weekend to improve their flexibility by joining the record attempt for Most people doing yoga in pairs. 

The massive event was organised to promote Wanderlust and Adidas’ partnership and co-branded apparel collection. 

Most people doing yoga in pairs 4

Led by yoga instructors Elena Brower and Lauren Imparato, 2,547 people participated in the record-breaking attempt that lasted approximately 10 minutes. 

The partner flow included three poses – Thick Tree, Supported Chair and Supported Seat Twist.

“The partnership with Wanderlust allows us to create new and exciting opportunities. Breaking a Guinness World Records title was a unique way for us to bring people together and celebrate the largest Wanderlust event in the world,” said Alison Stewart, Senior Director for Adidas Women’s.

Most people doing yoga in pairs 2

The event also featured other athletic activities such as a 5k run, an outdoor yoga flow class and guided meditation – all which fall in line with both companies’ aim to create holistic experiences and mindful living in communities worldwide. 

"Wanderlust's mission is to help people to find their 'true north', and part of that is making yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice something that's accessible, attainable, community-focused and fun. The idea of getting grounded while also setting a world record with a friend was immediately appealing, and we're thrilled to be working with Adidas and Guinness World Records to make it happen.” 
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