Guests who visited the new Guinness World Records Adventure attraction in Gatlinburg, Tennessee recently entered with exciting expectations of family fun - and left as world record holders.

The first was JD Corso of Palatine, Illinois, who broke the record for the Fastest virtual game of hopscotch at 3.21 seconds on 19 July 2017 and then continued to better his own record by achieving 3.16 seconds later the same day.

Guinness World Records Adventure 4

However, just a few days later on 25 July 2017, Alexa Johns of Little Falls, New York broke the record after four hours of practice, surpassing JD’s standard for with a new record of 3.15 seconds.

Guinness World Records Adventure

Following these successful record attempts, Philip Bankston of Ponchatoula, Louisiana broke a third title, this time for Fastest time to clear one level of Ms. Pacman.

Guinness World Records Adventure 5

Philip managed to use his speed gaming skills to set a new title at 34.56 seconds, becoming the first person to ever achieve this record.

Since opening in April, after extensive renovations and improvements, Guinness World Records Adventure features unbelievable exhibits, interactive record challenges, over 30 Guinness World Records record attempts, themed galleries, lots of videos, amazing record facts and famous memorabilia.

Guinness World Records Adventure 3

Currently, families and friends who attend the attraction can try their hand at several official Guinness World Records record titles, including:

  • Fastest time to fill a virtual water bucket
  • Highest score in a game of Dancethon
  • Fastest time to type the alphabet forwards and backwards on a touchscreen mobile phone
  • Fastest paragraph typing speed
  • Fastest time to hit three virtual targets with a flying disc
  • Fastest time to recall 20 names and faces
  • Fastest virtual game of hopscotch
  • Fastest time to clear one level of Ms. PAC-Man
  • Fastest time to solve a virtual 3 x 3 sliding puzzle
“This is really exciting, because visitors to our new attraction are really getting the chance to participate in breaking Guinness World Records titles. The new record attempts in our attraction challenge you to become a recognized Guinness World Records title holder,” said Andy Taylor, operations manager for Guinness World Records Adventure.

Guinness World Records Adventure 1

Think you have what it takes to break any of these records? Start planning your trip to Guinness World Records Adventure!

Tickets and more information can be found here.

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