It's back! Series six of CBBC’s Officially Amazing kicks off tonight at 17:30 on CBBC (UK and Ireland) – giving viewers the chance to see weird and wonderful Guinness World Records attempts involving everything from motorbikes and hula hoops to biscuits and even a poodle.
Officially Amazing motorcycle team  
Hosted by Ben Shires, this year the record-breaking show returns in an all new format. CBBC's Officially Amazing Goes Bunkers takes place in a shiny new studio in front of a live audience of 100 kids who get to vote on the outcome of every record attempt they see and the chance to send one of the competitors into the Gunge Tank of Doom.
As before, each episode is based around an Officially Competitive battle that sees the UK’s Sizzlin’ Steve take on the man-from-Japan Mr Cherry and American pocket rocket US Ray.
Hula hooping Officially Amazing 
On top of all this, there are also loads of awesome video clips of brand new and classic record attempts from all over the world.
Guinness World Records adjudicators Shantha Chinniah and Mark McKinley also come along for the ride and are on hand to make sure each attempt is official.
Who will be our new Officially Competitive winner? Who’s going to get gunged? And what amazing records are we going to see this time? Watch Officially Amazing Goes Bunkers every Wednesday on CBBC at 17:30 GMT to find out!
US Ray and Shantha
If you’re hungry for more ahead of today's episode, check out a trailer for the show on BBC iPlayer and head to the Guinness World Records Kids site here to find out more about the show.