Series six of CBBC’s Officially Amazing started last night with a episode featuring jaw-dropping Guinness World Records attempts involving everything from motorbikes and hula hoops to biscuits and even a poodle.
The brand new bunker studio was unveiled and we saw the Officially Competitive gang - Sizzlin’ Steve, Mr Cherry and US Ray – take on some tough challenges in a bid to avoid the Gunge Tank of Doom.
The show will air on CBBC (UK) at 17:30 every Wednesday, so we wanted to give you the chance to get to know the competitors a little better.
Officially Competitive 
Over the next 10 weeks we will be sharing exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of the cast.
First up we’re profiling the UK’s very own Stephen Kish – aka Sizzlin’ Steve.
Officially Amazing Sizzlin Steve biscuit 
The Sizzler has  been a big fan of the Guinness World Records books since he was a kid and hopes to beat Ashrita Furman to become our most prolific record breaker one day.
So far his impressive array of records include Most toots of a party blower in 30 seconds, Fastest time to deposit 20 coins into a piggy bank whilst blindfolded, Fastest time to sort 500 g of Peanut M&Ms®, Fastest time to burst 20 water balloons with the feet and Highest score on Level 1-1 of "Poached Eggs" on Angry Birds for Chrome.
Describing Stephen’s record-breaking style, official on-set adjudicator Shantha commented: “Steve is very good at precision, very accurate and thinks of his tactics.”
Asked which member of the cast he has the most fun with, Sizzlin' Steve said:
Mr Cherry, cause he’s just so much fun! He’s the energy of the party. The funniest things I have seen on the show almost always involve Cherry. My favourite Mr Cherry record must be the most nuts cracked by sitting down.
Mr Cherry and Sizzlin Steve
If you missed yesterday’s episode, UK readers can catch up on BBC iPlayer.
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