Ever wish you could be a kid again? Well that wish could now come true thanks to the creation of the Largest pram/stroller, meant for adults! 

Chicago-based company owner Tom Koltun and his partner Jamie Roberts initially developed this massive stroller to promote their company's, Kolcraft Enterprises Inc., newest model. 

The US pair thought that by allowing parents to test ride the stroller, it would convince them their children would be getting the best when sat in the standard-sized version. 

As it turns out, the 1.38 m (4 ft 6.3 in) pram happens to be the largest stroller in the world – a record-breaking bonus to the creative idea. 

Largest stroller 4

It took eight weeks to craft the giant carrier, most of which was used to make sure the design, safety, practicality and functionality mirrored that of the original product. 

Builders also had to keep the stroller’s weight in mind, ensuring that it could still move and be transported from place to place. 

Largest stroller 3

"I always loved the Guinness World Records book as a kid, and it’s really exciting to know that I’ll be featured! Being in the baby gear and nursery business, I certainly hadn’t expected to achieve a record in my professional life, but it’s been such a fun experience for our brand. As an added bonus, it definitely gives me some extra cool points with my kids," - Tom Kulton.

The giant teal and black stroller now lives at the company’s headquarters in Illinois, but when it is out and about, people often do a double-take when they first see it. 

Largest stroller 5

According to the new title holders, there’s always a moment of confusion as well as laughs and requests for pictures.

Tom also has this advice for anyone considering a record attempt:

"Think outside of the box and look for new records to set. It might seem like your only option is to break an existing record, but there’s always room for creativity to create something completely unique."

Largest stroller 2

You can find massive creation in this year’s NEW 2018 edition, alongside other brilliant record holders. 

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