Guinness World Records’ exclusive pop-up milkshake bar, the Amazing Animals Fluffytorium, has officially opened in London, UK.

Today, a selection of lucky children and their families got the chance to pet some extraordinarily cute cats and dogs in the extraordinarily fluffy Soho venue.


“I love it here, it’s so fluffy,” said one young visitor.


The main event starts tomorrow (Friday 27 October) and the cafe will be filled with purring cats – including the Caplice Family of Maine Coons.

The following day our Instagram-able set will be visited by some adorable dogs and guests can expect to meet the likes of Chow Chows, poodles and Pomeranians.

The one-off event has seen unprecedented popularity, with more than 3,000 people signing up for tickets!

The fur-filled experience has been created to celebrate the release of a brand-new title from Guinness World Records, Amazing Animals, a book entirely dedicated to the fastest, tallest, strongest, strangest and most talented animals in the world.

Guests at the Fluffytorium will be given a free copy of the book to take home.

Use the hashtag #GWRAnimals to keep up with the weekend’s events on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Guinness World Records collection is out now.

Guinness World Records 2018 collection