Adam Moore's guide to some of the recent video highlights on our YouTube channels.

A wise man once said; "He who watches every Guinness World Records video will obtain highest state of learnedness and entertained… Ness…"

What a straight up awesome dude. You know what? He was also right. Luckily, I'm back to show you what you might have missed…

First up, Marcus brought us another episode of Do Try This At Home. Now, don't get me wrong - chopsticks are HARD. This however, is just embarrassing. Will someone please show him how it's done?

Next, Ultimate Guinness World Records returns with a veritable feast of bygone champions

In this episode, witness a woman being lifted by a beard, a gent who can wrap metal bars around his neck and two teams going head to head in a Jeep building contest…

How many friends have you got? I bet it's not over 100,000… Well, the same can't be said for our GWROMG! channel which recently passed that milestone.

Oli threw a party in honor of the occasion and challenged the movers and shakers to beat his very own doughnut eating record. Will he walk away the supreme scoffer? Find out below…

Have you ever tried to obliterate a coconut with your bare hands? Well don't. It really stings.

This man however, is a trained professional and can smash through a whole army of the hairy little blighters. What a champ.

If you're a geek at heart, like me, you'll love this next one…

Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany, plays host to frankly the most mind-blowing miniature world I have ever seen.

Oli is On The Road once again to experience it first hand and even becomes a part of the miniature madness himself.

Finally, I'll leave you with this eye-watering image. I really don't think you need me to tell you NOT to try this at home…

Still, bravo Mr. Eye-Weight-Lifting-Man! Guinness World Records salutes you!

Right, that's enough for this week. I'm off to my local model store to BUY SOME TRAIN TRACK.