The latest episode of "Guinness World Records: Gone Wild!" had something for everyone. Records that tested the pain threshold. Attempts that made you laugh. Even a second chance for a disqualified record holder from earlier this season.

Time to recap all of the action for those who missed it!

Most mousetraps released on the tongue in one minute


That's the only word to properly describe what viewers witnessed in this record attempt. Aiming to break the existing mark of 40, two attempters not only had to stare down history. They also had to do so in front of the reigning world record holder, Sweet Pepper Klopek, who was in attendance to watch.

After neither man challenged the number, Klopek himself surprised the crowd and took aim at his own throne. The result? Watch here for yourself; if you aren't too busy wincing, that is.

Most sugar glass bottles broken over the head in 30 seconds

Next we were introduced to Thomas Stefanik, who brough a record attempt straight from a movie bar scene.

His task was to smash sugar glass bottles (aka, much easier to smash and breakable than real glass) on the head. This proved trickier than anticipated, when replay showed that Stefanik broke a couple bottle with his hands before they even touched his head.

Still, Stefanik used his double-fisting technique and endured enough smashing shards on his shaved head to escape with a new record 72 bottles smashed.

Track of Tears

Our next two attempts took place on the Guinness World Records Arena outdoor track. Unfortunately, both attempts failed, despite being two of the more entertaing events to watch all night.

A group of four raced to complete the fastest 50 meters doing "the worm," taking all those in attendance back to the early '90s. Only two of the four finished, though, and the fastest competitor needed 1 min 39 sec to finish the course, 40 seconds off of record time.

Also on the track: five men racing on foot. Which sounds pretty straightforward, until we saw the five men would be racing in high heels. Certainly like no other race many have seen before.

Most times to jump into a pair of underpants in one minute

Speaking of using articles of clothing for some unintended purposes, Brandy Goddard then brought a lucky pair of underpants to the arena. To be used. By jumping into and out of them as many times as possible in one minute.

With the constant full-body exertion required, this record has long proven taxing for even the most ardent attempters. Originally set in April of 2001, the number of 27 had stood for more than a decade before Goddard gave it her shot.

In a heartbreakingly close finish, she fell just one jump shy with her 26 leaps. One of the more difficult records in the GWR library lives for another day.

Second Chance for Shoenice

Ardent "Gone Wild!" fans certainly remember Christopher Schewe, a.k.a. "Shoenice," who appeared in the season's first episode. Shoenice successfully ate 20 lit birthday candles in a sub-2 minute time for a world record then, but was disqualified for eating multiple candles at once. The rules allow only one candle to enter the mouth at a time.

Wanting to prove his talent was no fluke, Shoenice altered technique, had the candles held in a cake so as to avoid sticking together, and extinguished the record with a blistering time of 1 min 12 sec. In this case, only second time was the charm.

Shoenice candles.jpg

Photo courtesy truTV

Highest jump into marshmallows

The evening closed with the latest in a series of death-defying stunts this season. Brent Steffensen climbed. And climbed. And kept climbing. By the time he finished, he stood on a platform 28 ft 10.75 in (8.8 m) high, staring down at an inflatable pool filled with more than 100,000 marshmallows.

Now, "death-defying" and "marshmallows" don't make as much sense together as, say, "chocolate," "graham crackers," and "marshmallows." But this was no joke. Steffensen planned on jumping nearly three stories, completing a full forward somersault before landing on the soft, inviting surface below.

Navigating the nearly 30 feet of danger in between, though, Steffensen made it look graceful and easy. He raised a triumphant fist in the air and brought another exciting episode to a thrilling close, breaking the previous record by more than a foot.

It's been an incredible season of record attempts and next week sees the season finale upon us. Not sure how what we've seen so far can possibly be topped, but you can bet some of the craziest records yet have been saved for last.

Guinness World Records: Gone Wild! airs Thursdays at 8 ET/PT on truTV.

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