Here's the very first video from our new YouTube Channel, Guinness World Records OMG!

Today's show "On The Road", has Oli White traveling around the world meeting incredible record breakers, with this first episode seeing our roving reporter visiting a team of benchmark-setting rappers.

The Guinness World Records: OMG! channel is like nothing else in the record-breaking world, with brand-new interactive content uniting the hottest YouTube personalities with the greatest, latest and craziest Guinness World Records.

The channel delivers brand-new record-breaking content five times a week with the following shows:

  • On the Road follows presenter, Oli White, to all four corners of the record-breaking globe to meet the people and places who have earned their place in Guinness World Records history

  • Do Try This At Home brings interactive record-breaking to YouTube as Guinness World Records invites viewers to take on real records with the greatest achievements, and fails, becoming future show content

  • Re-Record sees some of the hottest YouTube talent, including KSI and Dan Bull, re-voicing classic clips from the Guinness World Records archives

  • Slo-Mo Test Lab takes videos of iconic Guinness World Records, from watermelon smashing with the head to backflipping over speeding cars, and brings them to viewers in ultra-slow-motion beauty

  • The Record Slam has our presenters, Alfie Deyes and Marcus Butler, taking on surprise record challenges under the seriously strict eyes of Guinness World Records Adjudicators.

You can find the new channel at