A huge gathering of young music students last month helped to set a new record for the largest electronic keyboard ensemble during a concert in Chennai, India.

The participants were from the Mellifluous Melodies ensemble who are all aged between six to 14-years-old and are pupils of the renowned musician, composer and music teacher M.S. Martin.

The target to beat had been 107 performers, set in September 2004 at the Shoppes at Cross Keys mall in Missouri, USA.

M.S. Martin had spent six months in preparation teaching his students a piece of classical Indian Carnatic music that he had written, called "Ragamrutham".

keyboard 2.jpg

Prior to the record attempt, the concert began with two pieces of music, played by the ensemble as they warmed up.

It was then time for "Ragamrutham". While the guidelines for the record require the song played to last for at least five minutes, the piece actually clocks in at a lengthy 16 minutes.

Keyboard 3.jpg

Guinness World Records adjudicator Jack Brockbank was on hand to observe the attempt which saw 109 young musicians playing the composition faithfully, beating the previous benchmark by two.

Awarding the certificate to Mr Martin, Jack said: "I am impressed by the stunning performance of the students and the dedication they have shown for creating this record. I am confident that this group will create many more records in future and wish them all the best ".